Child Friendly Artificial Grass

Having a wonderful garden to play in is the cornerstone of all our childhood memories. We may choose to forget about the grass stains and muddy footprints, but our parents probably remember those well. Now the tables are turned and it’s time for our kids to play in the garden, so why not give them the best lawn to use all year round where grass stains and mud are a thing of the past.

We offer a wide range of artificial grasses depending on your individual requirements and budget, though all our ‘fake grass’ lawns are great for kids at play. Whether you choose the most luxurious Cheltenham artificial grass for your lawn or one of our other artificial grass options, you’ll be assured of a high quality product for your children to play on and enjoy.

Artificial Grass For Toddlers and Young Children

You want your children to start exploring the world around them as soon as they become mobile. Indoors there are numerous hazards, but a well kept garden with an artificial lawn can be a great place for children to begin their adventure. This makes selecting the right artificial grass for your garden even more important.

Our artificial grass is Lead and Cadmium Free, and manufactured in Europe meeting stringent regulations. Some cheaper artificial grass suppliers source their fake grass from China, which may well contain various unhealthy metals and recycled bottles. We are all in favour of recycling, but only for use in appropriate applications.

Your little ones can enjoy the artificial grass lawn throughout the year without worrying about a wet and muddy garden. Our lawns are laid on a highly efficient base material allowing water to drain away quickly, unlike conventional grass lawns.

Low Maintenance Child Friendly Artificial Grass

When you have children, you want to spend as much time with them as you can. Your artificial grass lawn will be very low maintenance, meaning you have more time to play on the lawn than concentrate on the up keep. No need to mow every weekend during the ever increasing growing season. No need to fence off areas of your garden whilst you wait for the grass to recover after heavy use. A quick hose down now and then and your lawn will stay looking as good as the day it was laid. Just spend your time in your garden playing with the kids and grandchildren. These are the things they’ll remember as they grow.

High Quality Long Life Artificial Grass Guaranteed

All our artificial grasses are manufactured in Europe with excellent UV stability. The soft touch grass will maintain its natural look, feel and structure for years to come.

Suitable for all weathers and seasons, your artificial lawn will look great after a heavy downpour of rain, a sharp frost and even a deep covering of snow.

Artificial Grass For Schools, Nurseries & Sports Fields

Our range of high quality Artificial Grasses are ideal for use in Schools, Nurseries and larger Sports Areas. Their hard wearing surface means that children can play on them over and over again without any of the wear typically associated with a natural growing lawn. No longer will you have to wait for the grass to recover before it can be used again.

Got an important match coming up? Great, you know the lawn or ‘pitch’ will be in great shape regardless of its earlier use or weather conditions. No need to waste time and money keeping the lawn watered and trimmed. It’ll be just fine, looking great every time you need it.

All our lawns are installed with a 10 Year Guarantee

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