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Artificial Grass Lawns Laid in Harrow

West London Artificial Grass are expert installers of Artificial Grass in Harrow, London. Artificial grass is now very popular with homeowners, giving them a great looking lawn all year round, yet with minimal maintenance requirements.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass in Harrow

Artificial grass offers a huge range of benefits over a conventional turf lawn. One of the main benefits appreciated by whoever is tasked with the job of keeping the lawn tidy, is that there is no more mowing. The lawn mower can be sold, releasing valuable space in your garden shed.

No mower servicing each spring
No more sharpening or replacing blades
No more running out of fuel or oil
No need for electricity to run the mower every weekend
Plus, you free up space in your garden shed

Weed Free Lawns In Harrow

Weeding can be a full time job on some lawns, often one of the main reasons homeowners consider changing to artificial grass. With a professional installation of artificial grass, weeds in Harrow become a distant memory. From time to time you may occasionally find a little weed poking its head above the neat blades of grass, but these are usually caused by birds dropping seeds onto your garden. As the artificial lawn has an infill, these seeds can try to make a home but their existence is short lived and they are easily plucked out with little effort.

Low Maintenance Garden Lawns

Keeping your lawn green and lush throughout the year, usually requires regular feeding and watering. For those of us with limited time on our hands, the job of feeding the lawn and applying various preparations as we go from season to season gets handed to a lawn maintenance company. This usually results in a service contract and regular payments for the work done.

When you have quality artificial grass in Harrow, you have a low maintenance garden lawn solution and these tasks become a thing of the past. Your lawn will look great all year round, requiring just an occasional brush to keep it tidy.

Use Your Lawn All Year Round

Garden furniture makes your outdoor space far more usable, creating a huge outdoor room for all the family to enjoy. The problem with natural grass lawns is that they suffer when starved of light. So, placing table and chairs, slide or paddling pool for example, will certainly cause dead brown areas to appear, requiring reseeding or even re-turfing.

Artificial grass has none of these draw backs. Move your furniture when you want to with no fear of revealing a dead patch of lawn. Empty the paddling pool when you are ready and not because you need to cut the grass. When you do need to empty your pool, the water will soak away much better than on a natural grass lawn as our quality artificial grass is laid on a very free draining granite base.

All our lawns are installed with a 10 Year guarantee

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