Low Maintenance Artificial Grass

A low maintenance garden used to be the thing of dreams. Now, with our comprehensive range of high quality artificial grasses, a low maintenance lawn has become a reality for many. The term low maintenance is the key here. It would be wrong to suggest that an artificial grass lawn is maintenance free, but with very little work here and there, your artificial lawn will look amazing all year round.

We will always give our clients the advice they need for the small amount of maintenance required for their specific lawn, but typically, the work involved is very minimal. A brushing of the artificial lawn every 2 or 3 weeks will agitate the infill and prevent any moss from making your lawn its home. If you do see an occasional weed appear, usually the result of birds dropping seeds, you can simply pick them out.

Maintenance Benefits Of Artificial Grass

The biggest benefit you get from Artificial Grass is the free time you get back. All those hours spent on keeping the lawn trimmed and green become a distant memory.

Our artificial grasses are soft to the touch and made of plastic with high UV stability, making it is resistant to colour change by sunlight. It doesn’t die when over used, leave bald patches during those ever present hose pipe bans, or grow wildly when you’re on holiday.

Your lawn will be a great place to entertain and for all the family to enjoy regardless of their age. Even the 4 legged members of the family will appreciate your artificial grass.

High Quality Long Life Artificial Grass Guaranteed

All our artificial grasses are manufactured in Europe with excellent UV stability. The soft touch grass will maintain its natural look, feel and structure for years to come.

Suitable for all weathers and seasons, your artificial lawn will look great after a heavy downpour of rain, a sharp frost and even a deep covering of snow.

All our lawns are installed with a 10 Year Guarantee

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