Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

An artificial grass lawn can, and often does, transform the lives of pet lovers with gardens. Our pet owning customers have told us that the constant battle to keep the lawn green, the struggle with all the bald patches and having to section of different areas whilst the grass recovers, has become a thing of the past for them.

With our pet friendly artificial grass, specially created to cope with the additional demands placed upon it by regular animal use, your lawn will look great all year. With a little sensible maintenance, your dogs and cats (and other domestic animals) will be able to use your new artificial lawn just as they did the old grass lawn.

Custom Installations For Pet Friendly Artificial Lawn

We have a selection of artificial grasses ideal for pets. These are particularly hard wearing and able to cope with the specific needs of animal usage. New from 2018 is our Polyurethane backed grass which is longer lasting and less absorbent than our other grasses, making it suitable to fight against dog urine.

All our pet friendly lawns are laid on a free draining granite base, which allows the urine to drain through without and residual lingering odours. This is preferable over laying an artificial lawn on top of a standard sharp sand base, which is the practice of most artificial grass installers, as the sand will cling on to the waste and leave an unpleasant odour.

Modern Technology For Artificial Grass

As well as using high quality materials for the artificial grass that can resist the demands of our pets, there are other considerations and products that can help to create the best artificial grass for pet owners.

We use specialist infill called Envirofill, as a replacement for the standard silica sand infill. The Infill is swept into the lawn after it is laid and adds weight and stability to the lawn, plus it keeps the artificial grass stands vertical. Envirofill has a 16 year guarantee and fights against germs and bacteria with its built in Microban® Technology. Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused in to the special infill during the manufacturing process, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes which cause the unpleasant odours we associate with pet urine.

High Quality Long Life Artificial Grass Guaranteed

All our artificial grasses are manufactured in Europe with excellent UV stability. The soft touch grass will maintain its natural look, feel and structure for years to come.

Suitable for all weathers and seasons, your artificial lawn will look great after a heavy downpour of rain, a sharp frost and even a deep covering of snow.

All our lawns are installed with a 10 Year Guarantee

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